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Mark Loren FT. RaRCharm – Comment Te Dire Adieu

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Chart Success for Mark Loren “Comment Te Dire Adieu” feat. RaRCharm


Mark Loren feat. RarCharm “Comment Te Dire Adieu” – Single Premiere


Interview – Questions and Answers with Mark Loren


The Meta-Remix. It’s Not a Remix, Nor a Mash-up. So, What Is It?



IHOUSEU.co.uk (UK)

Mark Loren video Interview for DANCE MUSIC TV / I-FAME TV (USA)

VIDEO min 15.00 – 21.30



Mark Loren is a creative multitasking artist from Treviso, (Venice) in Italy specialized in songwriting. He is also a composer, a producer and a DJ.


corona-y_generation-frontHe has songwriting credits for artists like Corona, a euro dance singer who became very popular with the song “The Rhythm of the Night”.

As a producer he uses to collaborate with high profile DJs and official remixers of major artists such as Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, the Black Eyed Peas, Bob Sinclar, Jason Derulo and many others.


His latest release “Comment Te Dire Adie” feat. RaRCharm, a perfect combination of pop music combined with the dance beat and the rhythm strength of rap, charted # 1 Euro Indie Music Chart and # 11 Music Week Commercial Pop Club Chart UK.

As a DJ, Mark Loren introduced a brand new concept in the dance music scene. A new mixing technique called the meta-remix ©.


Carl-Cox-and-Mark-Loren-Miami-compressorOn the 8th of June 2016, this creative DJ from the region of Veneto, released the first “meta-remix” in the house music scene (i.e. what he has defined as the remix of the remix).

The meta-remixed track is “Sugar” by Robin Shulz. He obtained an alternative and very acclaimed version of the German DJ’s hit, by mixing and mashing up some samples from the original song featuring Francesco Yates with the official remixes.


The release of the meta-remix came along with the publishing of a Manifesto which celebrates the creativity of the DJ as an artist, and explains the criteria to follow to achieve this brand new concept track/mix.

In his “Manifesto of the Meta-Remix” (a declaration text as Futurism and Surrealism did in the early twentieth century) Mark Loren defines the ethical and performing rules that permit creating a meta-remix.


Ibiza-gig-June--6-compressorMark Loren’s DJ set is focused on house and deep house beat combined with a soft touch of mainstream dance sound (with influences especially from European artists). His favorite venue where to play is IBIZA.

Before focusing on his career as a DJ, he gained valuable experience in the music industry as a manager. In fact, in the early 2000s he worked for several years as an international manager for dance labels and as an artist liaison for pop/rock bands in cities such as Milan, Rome and London. He achieved valuable results in the artist promotion field such as a # 1 MTV Dance Floor Chart in Italy with the single “Life Is So Strong” by Sharon Williams.


His interest and love for music has always been clear, so he decided to pursue music at university.

He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Disciplines of Music, Art and Performance from the University of Bologna (the oldest University in Europe). He also studied Communications at London Guild Hall University and received an international certificate in Major Event management.


Mark-Loren-Studio-compressorAt the end of the nineties he wrote the first thesis on the role of DJs and rave music in Western society, from an anthropological point of view.

The title of the thesis was “Contemporary electronic dance music: an anthropological study“.

He explained, from a cultural and psychological point of view, the sense of raving and listening to dance music in Western society. Using a multi-disciplinary study, he took an in-depth look at the inner needs of rave culture and youth.


Mark Loren loves all aspects of music. The sound, the creative process and the culture.

Music is culture.

Music is also the culture of people who choose to have and pursue a dream.





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